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Chathushasti Maha Bhairava Maha Yagam

 Chathushasti Maha Bhairava Maha Yagam

Sri Shivadwaja Seva Samithi is organizing Chathushasti Mahabhairva Maha Yaaga to invoke the blessing of Sri Maha Kalabhairava a replica of Sri Mahadeva himself.
According to scriptures Sri Maha Kalabhairava takes eight forms along with eight yoginis for eight directions, each form representing to protect each direction of the universe.
Sri Shivadwaja Seva Samithi is performing this Maha Yaaga by invoking 64 Maha Kalabhairava along with 64 Yoginis with separate homa vedika installed with 64 Homa kunds to perfrorm the homam by 64 Sivacharias and separate Homa Kunda Sri Maha kalabhairava.
The Homa will be conducted for 2 days. The devotee participation will be enunciated with Mahasankalpa and prasadam will be distributed to them.

The Homa will be conducted on may 19,2017 @ PT/ 7AM PT/12PM

Book Your Chathushasti Mahabhairva Maha Yaagam Before 6AM 19 May 2017 online at Giri, View More Details on

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